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Soft fuuuurrrrrr - EunHye
Hey tootsie rolls. :D
I feel like sharing my favorite movies with you guys, so expect a lot of new posts. Of course, you need to join the community to view these lovely coconuts goodies. A lot of people have been requesting to join the community with empty journals or journals created two days before asking to join. I would like to remind everyone that the one rule to join is to have an active journal. It means that there needs to be actual posts in your journal and that it should be at least 1 month old. If it's not, don't even bother requesting to join aight?

Aight. :D
Have a good one.
30th-Sep-2007 12:34 am - Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi (태왕사신기)
letter --- Yunho

Episodes 6 and 7 are out! Get 'em fresh and juiiiicy over here. :D

Part 006 of episode 6 has been fixed! Sorry about that.
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