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Britney Spears - Blackout

Title: Blackout
Artist: Britney Spears
Genre: Pop, Dance, RnB
Release Date: October 30th 2007

Track listing:
1. "Gimme More"
2. "Piece of Me"
3. "Radar"
4. "Break the Ice"
5. "Heaven on Earth"
6. "Get Naked (I Got a Plan)"
7. "Freakshow"
8. "Toy Soldier"
9. "Hot as Ice"
10. "Ooh Ooh Baby"
11. "Perfect Lover"
12. "Why Should I Be Sad"

I'm sure we all know who Britney is and the music she does. So, I'll spare you that rabble and move onto the review.

What can I say about this album besides the fact that I love it. Personal opinion of Britney aside, I cannot deny that she releases damn catchy music. It's the perfect music to play in a club to get the girls singing and dancing, which is what Britney does best.

The album is a solid mix of pop, dance, RnB, and electro music. I will admit, there are a lot of songs where you can tell Britney's voice has been altered. But for me, Britney was never known for her amazing vocal chops so I don't really care.

My favourite two tracks are "Break the Ice" and "Why Should I Be Sad".

"Break the Ice" is insanely catchy and I'm always singing along. I am really hoping it will be released as a single even though "Piece of Me" is slated to be released next. This track has a strong dance beat and it gets stuck in your head for ages.

"Why Should I Be Sad" is the last song on the album and the only ballad-ish one there. It's a mid-paced song with a mild beat and a softer singing style. I really like the idea of ending an album jam-packed with hard edged dance beats with a soft RnB style ballad. It makes a great ending. Also, the lyrics (written by Pharrell) are like the unfolding of Britney's marriage to Kevin Federline. She sings about a marriage where everyone begged her not to do it and she sings about how it's time for her to say goodbye.

Given the state she's in right now I would not have expected her to sing well at all. So, kudos to the producers of this album for making Britney's comeback album totally worth it. I think these songs are even more catchy than her earlier stuff.

Overall I give it 4 ♡ 5 because of the blatant studio tweaking and the fact that I still miss the old Britney.

A download is available for members of the community in a locked post.
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