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»»» f r i s k y . c o u c h

Getting frisky all night long.
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a b o u t
Sit back in your couches, lovies, because it's time for you to get frisky with them words. Come forth and you will find reviews of all sorts by five completely insane girls who obviously have a bit too much of time to spare.

Nat: a.k.a Babe: She enjoys ditching her lover to play video games and rant about them to her friends. Seemingly innocent, she can have quite a venom of her own. Proficient author of LOL Arashi fanfiction, Nat was one of the best candidates to be part of the Frisky Couch team.

Sophie/Soapie/BB/QUEEN: Opinionated, stubborn and a real fucking bitch ahem, and rather critical, Sophie is emotionless when it comes to dividing the garbage from the oeuvre d'art. Having watched too many Asian dramas, movies and cartoons for her own good, she was chosen amongst many losers to write fresh reviews for our very important LOL VERY!SERIOUSBUSINESS ONLINE REVIEW JOURNAL!!!1111oneoneone

Kristen/Kurr-iss-10/La mujerrrr: Part-Mexican in essence and paintshop drawing skillz of terror, Kristen is the youngest of the group, yet the wise soul of us all. LOL, the last part was utter bullcrap. Entries filled with wit concerning games, mangas and anime series (HAHA PEOPLE, WE HAVE AN OTAKU ON BOARD), it was undeniable that she would join forces with us and provide us with her many, many talents. DONDE ESTA EL QUESO, MUJERRrrrRRR?

Becky a.k.a BEKKI: Possibly a bit too crack-y for her own well-being, Becky provides in quality AND quantity. Known for her generous contributions to media sharing, she is to lend her powers as well as intellect to this community in order for us to create the best damn place out there for you.

Jackie/Shorty: By far, the nicest of us all and seemingly normal at first glance...but really, surpassing us completely about anything relating what we love so dear - insane, unbridled humor (crack). Small in size but, to borrow word from Tyra's vocabulary, FIERCE. The last and final addition to the team. Be afraid of the bunny people, afraid.

Oh yeah. BothThe fearsome quintuplet is known for having a twisted sense of humor, very indecent minds and prominent sarcasm. Apparently, they all come from the same crack-filled spot.


P.S Please, even if it is called frisky couch...we do not want you to actually do naughty things while reading these fantabulous reviews. We know it is hard, but please constrain yourselves gents and ladies. Thank you.
r u l e s l i n k s
1. All uploads are locked to members only. The only thing required to be a member is to have an active journal, nothing else.

2. Requests are only open when we say so. There is no point in you asking for something if it's not announced that we're taking requests.

3. If you do not agree with the reviews, we don't care much for your whining. Feel free to do so and we'll most likely just laugh.

4. Want to post? You can't and don't ask if you can. This is a personal community for us, sorry.

5. Do NOT hardsub anything if they're softsubbed.


7. Enjoy. Sit back and take it with humor.

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